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JVideo! is a video streaming, hosting, and community collaboration component for Joomla!. JVideo! was designed to allow site developers, administrators and marketers an easy and powerful way to manage an entire community based video enterprise without the usual technology hassles.

  • High Definition Support
    JVideo! comes complete with High Definition & High Quality support (h.264 codec). Offer your users the ability to upload their videos in High Definition creating a richer experience and more appeal for your JVideo! powered site.

  • Direct Webcam Recording
    As an all-in-one solution the Direct Webcam Recording feature vastly simplifies the process of generating video content for your JVideo! powered site. Users can record directly from their Webcam, review their video recording and once satisfied they can instantly upload their recorded video to your site.

  • Branded Video Community
    If a solid brand image is part of your web sites overall strategy it will be crucial to leverage the JVideo! branding tools. As a Joomla! component, JVideo! installs easily into your existing site and with our branding tools you can place your logo directly into the video player itself.

  • Ultra Fast Streaming Video
    JVideo! takes advantage of the latest and greatest video compression and conversion techniques allowing the delivery of high definition and high quality video in real time. Our unique and comprehensive approach to the process of compressing, converting and delivering video is a core competency of the JVideo! team and acts as a differentiator making JVideo! an ideal component for the delivery of video for you and your user base.

  • Enterprise Scalable Video Storage & Hosting
    The challenges of developing and maintaining a scalable enterprise class hosting environment to deliver high definition & high quality video can easily talk most people out of considering offering their users a full featured video community. At Infinovation we understand fully the challenges associated with such an initiative and so we’ve developed a solution directly into JVideo!.

    After evaluating various solutions we chose to leverage the Amazon Web Services framework. Utilizing the Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) Amazon Web Service and the enterprise scalability of the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) we've developed a truly scalable solution at a fraction of the cost of implementing an enterprise class hosting solution of your own. Pay only for what you use and have confidence that your solution will scale with demand and deliver a rich experience for your users.

  • Support for Wide Variety of Video Formats and File Types
    JVideo! supports many of the popular video formats in use simplifying the customer experience allowing you to appeal to a larger customer base.

    The following popular video formats are currently supported:

    mov, mp4, m4a, 3gp, 3g2, mj2, avi, ac3
    h261, h263, h264, mpeg, wmv, and many more

  • Community Tools - Intelligent User Interface
    JVideo! offers many of the features and functionality expected by today’s user base when it comes to community based video hosting. Users can upload and manage their own videos as well as browse videos by Most Popular, Recently Viewed, Highest Rated and much more.

  • Future Proof - Coming Soon!
    As you can clearly see from our feature list and our demo we hold JVideo! to a very high standard and continuing to do so we've outlined the next key features to be developed for JVideo!.

    JVideo! Advertising Framework

    Build a recurring revenue stream using the JVideo! Advertisement Framework. With various ad delivery options to choose from take advantage of untapped opportunities.

    Planned Features:

    Transitional Advertisements – Ads that play between segments of a video.
    Introduction Advertisements – Ads that play before a video loads
    Video Player Advertisements – Ads that overlay and interact with the player itself
    Administrative Tools - Maintain your Ads and generate reports for your advertising customers.

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